As historians we try to investigate the past. Many have thought that the cradle of civilization is in an area of the world known as the Fertile Crescent. This is an area that covers modern day Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. It is from this area of the world that the first written records come of creation, floods, and searches for eternal life and great hero quests. In the Philosophy section of this web page you will find a selection of Creation Myth stories.

Read some of these to gain an understanding of the thoughts of the ancient world.


Imagine that you are the only person before time began.

There is no universe, no stars, no world, no people or animals and plants.

You are the only thing that exists. You were not created yourself, you always existed.

You have decided that you want to create some things, over a period of time.

You can create anything you wish in any order you want, you are in total control. Anything that you order to be done will be done.


Make a list of things that you think are the most important, to include in your creation. Your list may include between 10 and 20 items.

Things that you may wish to include in your creation may be IDEAS such as evil as well as THINGS like the Sun.

When you have made a random list of things and ideas place them in order of importance. Try to decide which are the things/ideas that you will create first, second, third and so on.


Using a double sheet of paper, divide each sheet into four equal sections. This will give you eight boxes, four on each page.

In each box draw a simple picture and write one word that describes what you are creating. Use the boxes to show what you create first, second etc. Think very carefully about your creation order. Some things may have to be created before other things. For example if you want to make a sun, you need to have made somewhere to put it. If you decide to make people first, where are they going to "be"?


Write about half a page to describe your creation. Give it a title.