The Biblical creation story is common to the worlds' three great religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Many from these religions believe that the story as written in the Bible is literally true. Many also say that it is more symbolic; a story about faith rather than reality.

However all believe that the story has meaning for the people of today. It tells of God's power, purpose and reminds people that He wanted humans to enjoy His creation and put it to good use.


Using the notes above and the Bible answer the following questions.
  1. Name two of the great religions that believe in the Biblical creation story.
  2. What are two ways of understanding the Biblical creation account?
  3. What did God create first?
  4. What did God create last?
  5. What did God say to the man and the woman?
  6. How did the day of rest come into being?
  7. What did God make on day 6?


Take a full clean sheet of paper and divide it into six equal squares.

In each of the squares, using a diagram and a few words, illustrate the Biblical creation account, as you understand it from the Genesis story.

Study the picture of the ancient semitic view of the world and write a description of it as though a father was telling his son how the world is put together.