How to use the scale of Miles

You can easily find the shortest distances between cities by following the directions below.

  1. Place the corner of a piece of paper on the symbol that locates a city.
  2. Make a mark on the edge of the paper where it touches the symbol that locates the other city.
  3. Lay the paper along the scale of miles. Read the distance where the pencil mark meets the scale.

Scale of Miles


Give your island a name. It MUST have the following features: be at least 100 miles long and at least 70 mile wide, have a fresh water lake, two mountain ranges, a river, a forest and some coves and inlets. A steep cliff - face and some sandy beaches must also be shown. There should be three main towns spread around the island and two small settlements. Include a few small roads and one main road. Name the towns and settlements and all the features. Indicate the compass bearing.

At the bottom of the page put a scale so that you can measure distances from it, and develop a symbol chart to show how you marked the geographical features.

Complete the following tasks from your map:

  1. If I had to visit THREE of the main towns the shortest distance I would travel is __________miles.
  2. If I started my journey at the cliffs and went to the nearest forest I would travel ____________miles.
  3. The longest river is ________miles long.
  4. The lake is ___________miles wide and _________miles long.
  5. The shortest distance from the main town to the nearest settlement by road and track is _________miles.
  6. The shortest distance from the main town to the nearest settlement in a straight line is ___________miles.
  7. If I travelled at 4 miles per hour it would take me _____hours ______min. to get from the cliffs to the nearest settlement by road and track.
  8. If I had to travel the whole length of the river from its source and then by track and road I would have to travel ___________miles to get to the treasure.
  9. If I walked around the islands coastline I would cover a distance of __________miles
  10. The area of the largest forest is __________square miles.
  11. If I travelled from the cliffs to the lake I would be travelling in a _________ direction.
  12. The treasure is compass bearing ____________ from the lake.


Write out a detailed list of directions showing how to get to the treasure. Begin your journey in the Northwest corner of your island. You must include distances, compass directions, names of towns or settlements, the forests, the mountains and the lake, names of roads, tracks and rivers.