If friends say to you that they will see meet you on Shirley Street, your first question will probably be "Where on Shirley Street?"

Your friends might then reply, "We'll meet you at Shirley Street and Mackey Street." Then you would know exactly where to go.

Similarly, it is not enough to say "The city is somewhere on latitude 40N." You have to know where on 40N.

In map reading you would give the number of the line on longitude that crosses 40N. Thus, as you can see on the map there is a large X at the point where 40N is crossed by 30W.

When writing latitude and longitude positions it is important to include N or S, E or W. 10S, for example is a different line than 10N; 90W is a different line than 90E.

Using Latitude and Longitude Together

  1. What letter is at:

    50N - 60W _______60N - 30E _______
    40S - 45W _______30S - 15W _______
    35N - 60E _______45S - 150E _______
  2. Print a G at 10N - 75E.
    Print an H at 60S - 120W
    Print a J at 0 - 0

  3. Challenge: Find the position.
    1. Start at 40S - 150W
    2. Move eastward 30
    3. Move southward 20
    4. Move eastward 15. Print a dot and the letter T where the lines of latitude and longitude cross.
    5. What is the position? _______________________