1. The map shows most of the important mountain ranges of the world. However, you should realize that the mountains that are shown may be sub divided into smaller ranges, and not all of the world's mountains are on the map. Identify the ranges by continent:

    • North America:
    • South America:
    • Africa:
    • Europe:
    • Asia:
    • Australia:

  2. Mountain ranges are not all the same. There are "old" mountains and "young" mountains. Old mountains are generally not as high as young mountains, their tops are rounded and they are often tree covered. In the Rocky Mountains, which are young, many of the peaks are more than 8,000' high. The peaks may be snow - covered all year around. Short grasses and mosses grow on the sides of the mountains to where the snow begins. Trees grow from the valley floor up to the grass and mosses. You can make a realistic - appearing range of young mountains by completing the drawing below. Follow these directions:

    1. Leave white all the parts of the mountain that are more than 10,000' high.
    2. From 6,000' to 10,000' draw symbols for grass and moss ¥ ¥ / **
    3. From the valley floor to 8,000' draw symbols for trees ^^^
    4. Draw a sun @ some clouds Ø some birds § and an airplane