Pattern maps are designed to show a particular set or pattern of things such as precipitation, population, food crops, and so on.

The map below is a pattern or distribution map. The map shows the distribution of natural resources among four imaginary states.

  1. What was the value of Klop's fish product?

    _____ $1 million
    _____ $2 million
    _____ $3 million
    _____ $3 million

  2. What was the total value of Star's forest products? ____________________________________________

  3. In which state would you expect to find the most oil refineries? ___________________________________

  4. Which port city is most likely to be the busiest port?


  5. What two things are most likely transported on the train from Jess to Nick? ____________and ___________

  6. What product is most likely transported from Pat to Eric? _________________________________________

  7. In what city would you expect to find a fish cannery?

  8. In what city would you find the most important train centre?

  9. Arrange the states in order of the value of their production of natural resources with the highest state listed first.

    StateProduction (in millions of dollars)

  10. The only state that has mountains is Star. The mountains form a great valley for the Spruce River. Draw mountains on both sides of the river from the far north to the road from Greg to Nick.