The regions of the world vary.
The variations are severe and widespread. Some areas of the world have not had a rainfall for 40 years. Other places experience rain everyday of the year.
Temperatures range from -40 degrees Centigrade to +47 degrees Centigrade.
The world is host to Deserts, Tundra, Tropical Rain Forests, Northern Forests and Savannah.
These areas are each unique in their own way. The people, vegetation, and animals that live in these places have adapted so that they can survive.
Some of these places may seem harsh on the surface but they have a beauty of their own.
The vast, moving sand dunes of the hot desert regions support little life, but they are living themselves.
Similarly the ice flows of the Arctic may seem too harsh to sustain life but they themselves are moving living oceans.
Without the constant hot rain within the Tropical Rainforests of Brazil, the world would be out of ecological balance.


  1. Using the "world regions map" from the "chart box" and an atlas, colour in the different geographical regions of the world.
    Then add a key to identify the regions you have marked.
  2. Study the Natural Regions Chart and then without reference fill in the blank spaces on the Natural Regions --test sheet.