Curriculum Area: I&S Social StudiesUnit: Hot DesertsYear group: 7
Learning Outcomes
Specific Expectations
Teaching & Learning Strategies
Sample Activities
Sample Assessments
Ongoing Evaluation
Student’s SBAT:
Define Desert, and show the similarities and differences between hot deserts and cold deserts. Describe the climate of desert regions
Teacher will through open discussion get students to develop a definition of Desert. This will be directed to include both hot and cold desert regions, and a review of climates in desert areas.Student’s can:

Draw on a prepared world map areas of both hot and cold desert regions.
Name at least three different kinds of flora and fauna that grow in different desert regions.Teacher will use photographs, video and lecture books to show how various plants grow in desert regions, what kind of plant grow in deserts and which kinds of animals live and survive well in the desert regions. Students will research in library and on the WWW to determine the lifestyle of desert living peoples.
Describe the way people live and survive in desert regions.Teacher will outline a project that students will produce on “Hot Deserts”. A range of presentation option will be given such as; T.V. National Geographic Special Report, Information for travellers, Document on desert survival, CIA secret military report on a hot desert region.Produce a guided project to present the life of desert dwellers, including, climate, anthropology, flora and fauna.